Willy Rosen "Der Text und die Musik ist von mir!" "Ich heiße Willy, nicht Wilhelm!"

Willy Rosen - Schlager Songs and Sadness



If you need assistance in selecting music for a film or TV programme depicting any year between 1900 and 1945, especially in Germany we can help you. It makes sense to use the correct piece of music in a time period. This includes popular music as well as military.

What's wrong?!

Inglourious Basterds

What is wrong? Apart from the spelling of the title? 

In the pub scene a record is playing. It is "Ich wollt’ ich wär ein Huhn." It is a song from 1936, it is prior to the year the film is set in. But it is sung by: Willy Fritsch, Lilian Harvey, Paul Kemp and Oscar Simar.  Lilian Harvey was British and as far as Goebells was concerned was definitely person non grata in Germany and therefore banned.  It is doubtful that a pub full of young Nazis who were familiar with Harvey's career would tolerate the playing of the record.